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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service

Hardwood Floor Staining and Refinishing in Woodstock, Georgia

We would like to welcome residents of Woodstock, Georgia. Our team of flooring contractors at Dave's Hardwood Floors is proud to offer excellent staining and refinishing services that are sure to keep your floors looking good as new.

After 40 years of experience in the industry, we are confident in providing our customers with the highest quality results. Each of our hardwood flooring contractors will travel to your location, providing the most excellent product possible.

Many clients seek our services when their existing wood floor stain has become dull or faded. We will travel to your location and provide you with an estimate of work for our wood floor refinishing as well.

Each of our licensed flooring contractors will go over the steps which your floor refinishing will require. After that, we can determine the tools and materials we need for the job, and schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.

Often we’re called by homeowners who are burdened by a water leak in their home. Water damaged hardwood can be frustrating, but with help from Dave's Hardwood Floors we can have your flooring looking good as new in no time.

With our extra flooring material, we can travel to your home and provide you with wood replacements, followed by sanding and refinishing for a completed look. This quick and easy process can save you a ton of money, compared to replacing your entire wood floor.

If we do not obtain the wood that you already have, we will have to order more to match with what you have. This process may take a bit longer than usual, but the results will be just the same, fantastic!

When you’re in need of refinishing for your home’s wood floors, we are the team for the job. We offer premium hardwood floor refinishing to rejuvenate the look and longevity of your hardwood floors.

Our experts use the highest quality products and materials to ensure your floor staining and hardwood floor refinishing is done better than any of our competitors.

If you are living in the Woodstock, Georgia area and looking for flooring contractors to provide you with hardwood floor staining or wood floor refinishing, we’re the team for the job. Call now at (678) 337-1786 to learn more about our services, and schedule your next consultation.


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