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Hardwood Floor Installations

Hardwood Floor Contractors in Woodstock, Georgia

Are you tired of your old carpet, creaky floors, or outdated linoleum? Dave's Hardwood Floors is confident in providing the community with an excellent selection of flooring installations and wood floor replacement services.

We’ve been in business for over 40 years, and we’re confident in providing excellent results. Our flooring contractors use the highest quality tools and equipment to ensure you receiving fantastic results.

Have you noticed that your current floors are stained or you simply just want a change? We offer an incredible choice in flooring installations so that you’re receiving the long lasting results you deserve.

With our work, we are proud to provide you with up to a 1-year warranty for all of our flooring installation needs. Because we are confident in the work we do, we guarantee fantastic results each time you need us.

We will travel to the location of your home and give you a rough floor estimate for the job. At this time we can also determine what materials and tools will be needed for the application process.

Unlike many of our competitors, we will be glad to work with products that you provide, if you can find supplies for less. Your satisfaction with our flooring installations is all that matters. However, we do not offer warranties on materials that you have purchased yourself, as we can not guarantee the quality.

If you find that our wood floor installation is right for you, we will sand down the surface to make it as flat as possible. After your wood floors are made even, we will then place the wood down, stain, and refinish the floors.

Depending on the surface area, the amount of time it will take for us to complete our wood floor installs can vary. Rest assured our professional flooring contractor will give you a good estimate on the time frame, during our initial evaluation.

Other services that we offer include wood floor repairs. After several years your wood floor installs can become faded, scuffed, and scratched. With help from Dave's Hardwood Floors we can have your floors looking better in a matter of no time!

Trust that our hardwood floor installations are the best in Woodstock, Georgia. Speak with us today at (678) 337-1786 and learn more about our incredible service; one of our associates will be glad to assist in your time of need.

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