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Dave's Hardwood Floors - Fair Oaks

Flooring Refinishing and Installations near Fair Oaks, Georgia

Dave's Hardwood Floors is based in the city of Woodstock, Georgia, but as a locally-owned mobile operation, we carry out flooring jobs in many of the nearby towns and cities, including Fair Oaks, 15 miles to the south. We are a company known for our honesty and integrity, and the extremely high quality of our workmanship.

Residents of Fair Oaks who need any flooring work done – whether it be the installation of a hardwood floor, the staining and refinishing of an existing floor, or a repair job on any pieces of damaged wood – they should contact the best firm of flooring contractors in the area.

At Dave's Hardwood Floors we have been serving the community for more than 40 years, and that experience stands us in good stead. We pride ourselves on our honesty and reliability, the quality of our work, and the commitment to customer service that is one of our highest priorities.

We retain a passion for the flooring work we do, so much so that our company slogan is ‘Just say no to rugs’. Stained wooden flooring, we believe, can make a room sparkle and increases the value of any property. We also have a motto, ‘Making America beautiful, one home at a time’, and it is one we strive to live up to every working day.

At Dave's Hardwood Floors we stay one step ahead of our competitors because of the fact we always get the jobs done right first time. We also offer a $150 discount on any job over 800ft.

So if you live in Fair Oaks, and you want to hire the best flooring contractor in the region, then make sure you contact Dave's Hardwood Floors. We have more experience and professionalism than any of our rivals, and we guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction. Call us today on (678) 337-1786 and make an appointment.

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